Ambulatory Hospice Care Services

Management of Lazarus Hospice Ambulatory Care Services
Elizabeth Schmidt-Pabst
030 46705-276
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You need advice and support We offer palliative care counseling services. For this we visit you at home and advise you there of the possibilities and ways that every day life can continue to be patterned given a completely changed life situation with a severe, incurable illness. Together with you we look at how, in view of everything, an improvement to the quality of life and a sense of security and comfort can become a reality. For this purpose, together we would turn our attention among other things, to the existing opportunities:
  • To alleviate adverse symptoms such as pains, nausea and constipation during the progression of the illness
  • to augment the care situation at home
  • to reduce the load on family members and others associated
  • to tap into unexploited resources in the social environment
  • to allow for dealing openly with the feelings of sorrow and of pain
  • to make use of supplementing specialized offers in medicine and care

Volunteer Support

  • Volunteers provide support for critically ill, dying people and their family and friends at home, in the establishment of nursing care, in the hospital and in the residential hospice.
  • The volunteers want to donate some of their strength, time and solicitude to dying people and their families. They perform no nursing care, but rather augment the nursing services and the care of family and home-care doctors.
  • The volunteers are open for discussions, dedicating their time, attention, calmness and understanding. They provide company on walks, to local authorities or when visiting relatives or cultural events. Visits from volunteers can also help to ease the burden for relatives.
  • The volunteers also offer to keep vigil. Through this they wish to stand by the dying person in their remaining few days and their final hours. In doing so, an accompaniment until death is strived for through the commitment of a larger number of volunteers.
  • The volunteers receive intensive instruction from us for their demanding work and receive ongoing supervision during their work. They are subject to professional secrecy.

Culture Sensitive Care for the Dying

The Project “Far from Home at the End of Life” has been running since 2013 as part of the Lazarus Hospice Ambulatory Care Services. For us it is important that regardless of their cultural and religious background, at the end of their life people are provided with medical and care services and can get psychosocial support. Our volunteers themselves come from many cultural and religious contexts. We have volunteers whose mother tongue is English, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish and Korean.
The volunteers are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish or open spiritually. They are taught by us in a culture sensitive environment and are always open-minded and approachable with all of the people they meet.

Patient Decree Counseling

Our trained staff will be happy to advise you in the creation of a patient decree and/or a healthcare proxy / care ordinance. When you one day find yourself no longer able to make decisions, you can establish at this point in the patient decree, if and how a medical treatment should then take place. With the health care proxy you assign a person that you trust with the implementation of your intentions. The creation of this document is an important step in the provisions. In a counseling session many uncertainties can be cleared up and some fears overcome. The first helpful step in the establishment of the patient decree is to become aware of your own values and wishes in relation to life and death.


Management of Lazarus Hospice Ambulatory Care Services
Elizabeth Schmidt-Pabst
Phone: 030 46705-276
Fax: 030 46705-277
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Coordinators of Lazarus Hospice Ambulatory Care Services
Andrea Biank
Annett Hardenberg
Peggy Nitzke
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Elizabeth Schmidt-Pabst
Andrea Biank
Peggy Nitzke
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