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You would like to know more about the Residential Hospice People are granted residency in our Residential Hospice
  • who suffer from an incurable illness that is in its advanced stages and a recovery or stoppage of it is not expected
  • who wish this for themselves
  • for whom care and support cannot be ensured by relatives and nursing care services at home
  • when a doctor approved it

Our Offer

The Residential Hospice provides:
  • bright, comfortable single rooms which also have space for personal belongings
  • a house open to relatives who come to visit
  • overnight possibilities for relatives, either in the patient’s room or in a separate guest room
  • a large, bright common area as the central space for gathering with family and friends
  • a sunny terrace and a park
  • individual care and support around the clock
  • pain therapy and symptom control
  • close work together with SAPV (Specialized Outpatient Palliative Care)
  • aromatherapy
  • painting and music therapy
  • relaxation methods: sound massage, body tambura, guided meditation, gong meditation
  • individual guidance and help with personal, psychic, religious and social questions
  • a hair salon and the Mauer Café are found upon our grounds


When you develop the need for staying in a hospice, you can register with the institution. Such a non-binding registration can also be handled by the social service of a hospital, by your doctor or another person authorized by you.
You need a medical report (ärztliches Hospizgutachten) which confirms the need for a hospice residence.
This can vary from a few days up to several weeks, depending on the hospice occupancy.
Relatives or friends are welcome to stay at the hospice with no charge.
As a patient, you only cover personal costs like your co-payment for medication or the phone service in your room. All other costs are covered by the health and care insurance (95%) and donations to the hospice (5%)


Pastoral Care

Our hospice also provides pastoral support to the guests and their relatives and friends. I am available for you as a pastor and have time regardless of whether you belong to a church. People in difficult life situations live with the daily tension between disappointment and hope, faith and despair, companionship and loneliness.This is particularly so for the time when the goal for bodily health becomes unattainable. The view of life and that which had and has meaning in it, can change, certainties disappear. Perhaps a space will open then for unimagined experiences. Possibly you are asking yourself what the meaning is for what you are going through now and are looking for advice to clarify important questions.

Together we can look for what you have had to bear in your life and are bearing now. And sometimes it’s also just about withstanding what is happening together.

It is possible at any time to take communion, make confession, and receive the Sacrament of Anointing and blessing or in the framework of a last blessing to say farewell to your relatives.


Gruppenbild 20 Jahre Lazarus Hospiz Berlin
20 Jahre Stationäres Lazarus Hospiz
We are a multi-professional team made up of volunteer and full-time staff. Head of Hospice and Nursing Care Services Anette Adam Tel: 030 46705-550 Fax: 030 46705-275 Write an e-mail Social Services Responsible for Applications and Admissions Hannelore Lauble Tel: 030 46705-273 Fax: 030 46705-275 Write an e-mail Adminstration Paul Pomrehn Tel: 030 46705-272 Fax: 030 46705-275 Write an e-mail

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